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It’s 10:43AM here in Brooklyn. The year is already half over, and July is fast hurtling towards a close. I have at least been getting off to an earlier start for some months now, thanks in part to my east-facing bedroom windows. This morning I was up at six. I took a quick shower then had my morning coffee before dashing off to the basement to launder an extra set of bed linens. (A friend is arriving from Hamburg later today and staying for a few days.) Oh, I also ran out to get cat litter for Anna, my two year-old, triple-purring Siberian. I returned about an hour ago and have since been sitting here at my desk, getting back to emails and making calls.

It’s not even noon yet, but over the course of just doing those mundane everyday things that make up my daily routine, I have used something like 14 products – soap, shampoo, conditioner, cotton swab, cotton pad, toner, serum, moisturizer, sunscreen, deodorant, laundry detergent, fabric softener and hand lotion. They each have about fifteen or so ingredients, which means that in less than four hours, I have come in contact with approximately 200 chemicals. Thankfully, though, I have not once had to stop to question what these products are made of, whether they are really safe. I know the products I use pretty well. I have full confidence in them.

What about you? 

Have you ever paused as you were about to lather your shampoo in the shower, or perhaps as you were loading the dishwasher? Have you ever found yourself just standing there mid-track, wondering what is really in the product you are about to use?

That’s where we come in. 

We have put in a lot of hard, honest work to take the guesswork out of your product selection process. We are here to help you find organic and natural personal products that do not give you pause – products that are as effective as they are safe, affordable as they are socially and environmentally responsible. We have carefully handpicked only those products that you can use with an ease of mind.


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